Landlords- choosing the right letting agent is like choosing a fine suit

Bear with me here....let me explain. Using the clothing metaphor, you can take a very simple approach to this question:

Do I wear clothes or not? But that's far too simple right? Of course it is! So you extrapolate from there:

Do I wear men's clothes, women's clothes or none?

Once you decide this- do I wear work clothes, casual clothes or bedtime clothes?

Let's say you decide work clothes- do you wear a suit, dress smart-cas, choose overalls or wear a uniform?

Now you've chosen a suit- is it a 2-piece or 3-piece, what colour is it, what colour shirt do you wear, tie or bow tie or open-collar, what fabric is it?

You've decided on a 3-piece in blue- is it off the rack, semi-bespoke or completely tailor made?

You've decided on tailor made- do you have a tailor of choice, is there a budget, do you want local or global, do you want to be treated like a celeb or just want speed & efficiency?

You see? Choosing a Letting Agent in today's market really is just as delicate and important to make the decisions on the finer details if you want that relationship to be a genuine success. Whilst the public perception may be that we all 'pretty much do the same thing' nothing could be further from the truth.

The arrival of tech and the application of innovative services in today's marketplace means that every agent really is different from the last. There is no right or wrong (as long as they competently and legally fulfil their role)- who you choose predominantly depends on what you want from an agent.

At base, I would equate our letting agency to a small but successful, highly-respected tailor such as Alexandra Wood. She does exemplary work, whilst delivering excellent service and establishes long-term, even lifelong, relationships with clients. Always evolving, always looking to blend quality & tradition with cutting edge new techniques and styles- that's us!

You wouldn't rush to buy a quality piece of clothing- especially something for several thousand pounds which you plan to wear, with style, for years- so don't rush to choose your letting agent. Search and find the right fit for you- we really are all very different!