instant appliances for managed tenancies- base/ic appliances

Emergency Appliances for Managed Tenants & Landlords

Whenever a vital appliance stops working (be that a hob, fridge or even radiator) a tricky situation instantly emerges:


You are in a property, paying rent and are now faced with a potentially major inconvenience. You want the issue fixed ASAP- but how long will ‘ASAP’ take?


You want to look after your Tenants but, at the same time, you don’t want to replace an appliance if it can be easily (and cost effectively) repaired. You might also want a few days to consider your options or what make and model you would like to replace it with.

That’s why we have launched ‘base/ic appliances’

So what is ‘base/ic appliances’?

Simply put, these are ‘standby’ appliances that we keep in our office which can be dispatched/delivered to a property immediately to provide temporary relief to Tenants whilst Landlords and/or base finalise a more permanent solution.

We currently have the following appliances:

  • Fridge/freezer
  • Plug in hobs
  • Plug in radiators
  • Combi/microwave ovens

These will be provided to Landlords free of charge* for up to 7 days- with a small hire fee should the appliance be needed for longer.

We hope these won’t be needed too often- but when they are, it will ensure Tenants are kept happy and Landlords are given the time to make the right decision on repairs or replacements.

*If the property is more than 3 miles from our offices we may need to use a delivery service which will be billed to the Landlord with their consent.