Virtual Tours

The world of PropTech (Property Technology) is fast evolving. When you think the first property portals launched around 2000 a lot of change and innovation has happened since then.

At base, we are always looking to the future. We are constantly looking for the next exciting piece of PropTech that will help us deliver a new and improved experience to our clients.

One of these that has excited us the most is the ongoing development of VR/VTs- otherwise known as Virtual Reality or Virtual Tours.

The ability to blend this cutting edge tech with existing website technology and, for a fully immersive experience, the adoption of VR headsets (such as Goggle Cardboard or others by the likes of Carl Zeiss, View-Master, VR Shinecon, etc.) with smartphones enables us to quickly adopt.

In 2016, we believe we were the first estate agent in the UK to offer Virtual Tours on all of our property listings (sales & rentals) completely free of charge and we continue to do so.

We see this technology fulfilling two key service benefits:

Viewing Economy

VR Tours will never replace a full viewing- a home is too personal for that. However, what it can do is help as a ‘first filter’ so you can eliminate properties earlier in the process saving wasted time on pointless viewings. We also occasionally do deals with clients from abroad who have to secure a property before they arrive- this will give that extra peace of mind to these clients and will supplement our professional photographs and floorplans.

Property Inspections

A report, no matter how detailed, can only tell you so much. That’s why, in 2017, we will be rolling out Virtual Tours as part of our Property Inspection process with a Virtual Tour link included in each report issued (again we believe this to be a UK first). With around 60% of our Managed Landlords living abroad (and many of our properties their former homes) enabling Landlords to effectively take a look around the property for themselves is a great feature.

Why not take a Virtual Tour around our base office here: