London Property Management

Let & Managed Service

Letting a property is just a small part of being a landlord. Once you have let your property, you then have monthly rent collections to monitor, maintenance issues to address and how do you know if the tenants are looking after your property? Then there is keeping up with legislative changes and implementing them. All of this takes time and effort and can be extremely stressful.

That’s why more and more London Landlords are turning to base property specialists to provide a full property letting service and to both Let and Manage their London properties.

Having a London letting agent professionally manage your property often adds value to your rental investment, as more and more Tenants prefer rental accommodation under this arrangement. Independent property management removes ‘personal interests’ from negotiations and can lead to amicable solutions being reached more quickly. Some corporate tenants even insist on a managed property and will not consider anything else.

Our comprehensive Let and Managed service takes care of everything for our landlords. Not only does it include all the elements of our Let Only service but, also, our comprehensive London Property Management service with elements many other agents charge for including:

Monthly Rent Collection & Reconciliation
Monthly Invoicing & Account Statements
Fast Rent Transfers (Landlords receive the rent in their account within 5 working days of the rent hitting the base accounts)
24/7/365 Emergency Response for all Tenants, Tried & Tested Professional Contractors at competitive rates
Two Interim Inspections per 12-month tenancy
Advance Notification of any maintenance needs & expenses
Insurance Claim Handling, Service Charge & Ground Rent Payments and Annual Tax Returns.
Free property life skills tutorials for managed Tenants called 'maintenants'
Free on-call emergency appliances for managed tenancies called 'base/ic appliances'