A Commitment to Inclusivity in Estate Agency: Our Support for the "Dear Sirs" Movement

At base, we are committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity in all aspects of our business, and this includes taking a stand against outdated language and attitudes in the estate & lettings industry. That is why we are choosing to support the "Dear Sirs" campaign, founded by Ellie Rees, Co-Founder of independent estate agency, Brickworks.

Ellie and the team at Brickworks have taken the lead in advocating for change, and we are honoured to join them in their efforts. Through their research and outreach, they have raised awareness of the continued use of the blanket salutation "Dear Sirs" and its negative impact on those in the industry who do not identify as men.

At base property specialists, we wholeheartedly agree that it is time to challenge these outdated practices and make a change. That is why we are committing to using more inclusive language, such as "Dear All," in all of our internal and client communications.

We also want to recognize and commend Ellie and the team at Brickworks for their leadership in this important movement. They are proving that taking steps such as dropping "Dear Sirs," can have a big impact in creating fairer, happier, and more harmonious workplaces.

If you are looking to make a difference and show your support for this cause, we encourage you to visit the pledge page on the Brickworks website. There, you can add your voice to the growing list of signatures and help to create real and meaningful change in our industry.

We are proud to join the "Dear Sirs" campaign and stand with Ellie and Brickworks in their efforts to promote diversity and inclusivity in the property industry. Let us work together to challenge these conventions and create a more equal and respectful environment for all.