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Why our clients love us...



appraisal & marketing strategy

When you chose base as your agent, you get access to some of the letting industry's leading experts and data insights. Our job is to educate you on the reality of your local market, establish a 'true' market appraisal, what can be done to maximise the returns of your investment, what will attract the best residents and a marketing strategy to achieve those goals.



industry-leading marketing

When your property is marketed by base, you can rest assured that our marketing assets & strategies are industry-leading and world class. Every property we market includes professional 4K photos, floorplans, 4K virtual tours, 'editorial style' videos and AI enhanced descriptions & highlights. Our marketing will put your property on the most effective portals, across key social media channels and in targetted email campaigns. Our marketing delivers results.



Legal Fulfilment

When you appoint us to manage your property we are here to help ensure you are always completely compliant. This requires the detailed knowledge of over 500 tenancy laws & regulations. Our knowledge and expertise ensures our processes are comprehensive and robust and we constantly attend training events, legal workshops and revisit and adapt our services accordingly to be compliant now and into the immediate future. Join our Owners who trust us to take care of everything.



applications & paperwork

Once you approve one of our offers, our amazing team & partners deliver a comprehensive yet seamless tenancy process. Our diligent document checks, expert referencing partner and bespoke tenancy agreements, all delivered in a digital landscape, ensure a smooth yet detailed solution. Our processes help keep you and your property safe and compliant and is included in our standard fees.



deposits & rents

Our comprehensive due diligence processing an application, our digital banking tools, operational processes and expert partners ensures the Security Deposit & Rents are handled professionally at all times. That's why 98% of all rent payments are received by our Owners on the due date, 99.8% of rents are received within 3 working days of the due date and just 0.2% of our tenancies placed since 2004 have seen arrears of 1 month's rent or more. Your money in your account quickly and consistently.



Property Management

Looking after you and your London property means our Residents also have the best experience, stay longer and take greater care. Working closely with an array of expert contractors, we solve maintenance issues quickly & to exemplary standards. We don't take any commission or kickbacks from our contractors, nor are there charges applied on general repairs, ensuring you get the best price and value and our contractors are paid fairly and promptly. Over 96% of reported issues are attended & investigated within 2 working days.



Periodic Inspections

When you entrust us with your property it is vital that you know that base and our Residents are taking good care of your asset. That is why our Property Managers personally visit every property twice a year to inspect it, report on our findings and advise on how to best address any issues highlighted. This ensures our Property Managers know your property and Residents better than anyone else delivering the best insights and expert advice. The cherry on top? Our interim inspections are included in our standard fees.



Exclusive Offerings

We get it- you're fed up with the same old service & offerings! Landlording and renting have changed a lot in the last 20 years and so have we. Innovation that delivers a better experience for everyone is part of our core DNA. For over a decade we have been the only letting agent in the UK to deliver 'property life skills' training to all new residents and have supplied free temporary appliances during repair cycles. That's not all, we were one of the first letting agents in the UK to mandate professional photos, floorplans, virtual tours and video on every property, to adopt social media, to offer our owners and residents a portal & app, to adopt digital documentation, to digitise maintenance and tenancy conclusions and so much more. We're not interested in 'how it's always been done' we just want to give you the service and experience you want and deserve.




When you choose base we represent you throughout the entire rental lifecycle. Renegotiations are a common and essential part of lettings with rent reviews, tenancy renewals, changes of resident or the need to alter or even surrender a tenancy. With our knowledge and expertise, refined negotiating methods and access to an array of granular lettings data we expertly handle each and every renegotiation with exemplary results. No awkward conversations, no communication breakdowns just results.



End Of Tenancy

We know that the way a tenancy is concluded is critical to the overall success of a let and our undertaking to you. Ensuring our residents fully understand their rights and obligations, and having metoculous process in place ensures your property is returned in the best possible condition. Our processes, technology and partners track, detail and document every step of the process and we take a data & evidence-led approach when it comes to deposit deductions. We secure over 86% of all proposed tenant liabilities and have a dispute rate of under 1%. Comprehensive, digital, seamless tenancy conclusions protecting you and your property all delivered as part of our service to you.

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