Working towards achieving asking price in 6 simple steps

You always want to achieve the best price you can for a property, but in the current challenging market conditions in London it is imperative you do everything you can to ensure the property is presented in the best possible way. Here are some tips from base, one of Shoreditch's leading independent estate agents.


  1. Back to basics – cleanliness!


In a survey conducted by Rightmove, it revealed that the biggest buyer turn-offs were dirty kitchens and bathrooms. It goes without saying a little scrub down in the kitchen and bathroom department wouldn’t go a miss. First impressions are key, and if the property is noticeably dirty, it makes you wonder what else is wrong that is not visible. Don’t just limit a clean to the bathroom and kitchen though – the house as a whole presents much better with a clean feel. Don’t forget your windows too- these are the ‘eyes of your home’ so make sure they sparkle! Click here for 16 genius cleaning hacks! 


  1. Clutter


Even the most appealing properties can put a buyer off with clutter. Clutter is the difference between a spacious, bright room and a room that feels claustrophobic. Small items that are not there for decorative purposes are best to be put away so all available space is visible. Find a place for everything and have everything in its place. Try to be aware of whether these objects are relevant to be seen whilst buyers are inside the property.


  1. Paintwork


We’re sorry, but that chipped 1970’s magnolia paintwork just won’t suffice- even a scuffed paint job from just a few years ago may be a ‘no no’. One of the most common mistakes is forgoing a repaint. The impact of paintwork (especially colour choices) can really affect the buyers’ personal view of what the property is worth. It’s always great to be mindful to use a colour that will complement the different rooms and their purposes (on trend colours are a win too). The bolder the decision colour wise, the more thought that should go into it. If you are completely unsure of colour schemes, it is always useful to delve into some interior design catalogues to see ‘what’s in’. Here’s a couple of articles useful for interior & on trend colours…

  1. *sniff* Uh, does a dog live here? No?


That’s right. No one is impressed by a smelly house. So - Does your property smell good? At times we can become nose blind. Readers Digest revealed that the fresh smell of lemon and clean citrus smells can contribute to someone feeling happy. This doesn’t mean you need to douse your property in lemon but it is something to be mindful of. Of course, friends and agents are always a great place to start when you need to know what your property really smells like. 


  1. Curb Appeal


You can lose a buyer before they have even set foot through the front door- fact! Curb appeal is all about how well your property presents itself from the outside. How well kept is your front garden? Do you have damaged or broken drain pipes? Dirty front door? All of these details matter in presenting a well-kept property. Sometimes a quick grass and weed tidy up with a little polishing of windows & outside doors works wonders. Simple yet effective.



  1. Lighting


Dimly lit rooms will often turn off buyers. It can also look untidy when a multitude of bulbs are out in rooms lit by multiple lighting fixtures. It is always good to check all of your light fixtures are in working order and are as bright as the room should need. Sometimes you are able to achieve better natural lighting with a simple trim of surrounding trees that overlook your property. Curtains that are too heavy can also sometimes stop the light from coming in- and, as mentioned before, clean windows are a must too! Unsure on which lights to put and where? Click here!