Supplier Spotlight- Insights Into LeadPro's Journey

We spoke to Sam, founder of PropertyTechnology to get some insight into how LeadPro developed over time. For those who don’t know, LeadPro is a pre-qualifying tool that allows applicants to fill in their own search criteria. Thus, agents are able to utilise this information to prioritise certain enquiries and even have other suitable properties in mind before they have made that first organic point of contact. This has been a tool that we hugely love at base, especially during the summer season when it is busy and prioritising is key. So, let’s see what Sam had to say… 


  1. Tell me about how you first got into PropTech? 


10 years ago, wow time has flown, I started an online letting agency with a friend from Uni! 


  1. Where did your idea for LeadPro come from? 


LeadPro began as a tool for booking property viewings online, however we soon learned that all agents want to speak to applicants before scheduling a viewing so we had to change the service! 


  1. How has LeadPro evolved i.e. from the first idea to now? 


Instead of a viewing booking tool, LeadPro no specialises in turning applicant leads into valuation leads. All applicants are sent a pre-qualification questionnaire when they request a viewing, and LeadPro asks if they have a house to sell. We also have a valuation tool called ProVal which converts web traffic to valuation leads. 


  1. Looking back, is there anything you would've done differently, if so, what? 


Spent less time building the calendaring software! 


  1. What has been your proudest moment to date? 


We've now pre-qualified over one million applicants, reaching that scale makes me very proud. 


  1. Tell me the best piece of advice you have ever received. 


When people ask for changes to the software but don't want to pay for the changes, don't make them! 


  1. What would you say to a letting or estate agent that is yet to adopt tech into their operations? 


Tech has changed a lot in the last 10 years, and is much easier to use than ever before, so it is worth having a look to see what tools can help you! 


  1. Who in the industry inspires you, and why? 


I am inspired by Gary Barker from Reapit, he's done an incredible job moving the company to become an open platform for collaboration, helping small suppliers innovate by working on the Reapit Foundations platform. I think this open approach to software development is essential in the industry, and I am really glad he's made it happen.


  1. If a potential client is reading this blog, what would you want them to know & how can they reach you? 


Head over to where you can sign up for free! 


  1. Tell me something that not everyone knows about you and/or Leadpro. 


I co-founded LeadPro with the same uni friend who I first worked with 10 years ago on the online letting agency!