Shoreditch: 5 of our favourite independent businesses.

In this uncertain economic time, it is without a doubt always the small and independent businesses that seem to suffer the most. Base is a small, independently run lettings agency in Shoreditch, so we can really appreciate the grit, hard work and determination it takes to make a small business a success. That’s why we have decided to give five of our favourite spots in Shoreditch the shout out they deserve. 


  1. Fix126- an office favourite! 


You can often spot our co-founder, Kristjan, in line for some kind of oat based yumminess with our office mascot, Diamond. This coffee shop truly is an all rounder, even for those who don’t drink coffee. Situated in the middle of Curtain Road, you’ll find a buzzy atmosphere with some friendly, laid back baristas. You have the choice of sitting in & people watching whilst enjoying your ‘fix’ or taking it away for secret enjoyment. Top tip: if you don’t drink coffee, ask them for a hot chocolate with coconut milk- game changer! 


  1. Francos - a timeless classic


Francos & Baseps have had a lifelong love affair. An & Kristjan (base’s co-founders) have quite literally used this as a breakfast & lunch time staple for almost 16 years. Don’t let the simple exterior fool you- during lunch time this small cafe is absolutely buzzing with local professionals & the staff are super friendly. The best thing about Francos is that they have all that is to be desired. Want a salad? They’ve got it. Want a jacket potato? They’ve got it. Something sweet? They’ve got it! Want breakfast at 3pm? They’ve got it!! You even have the choice to sit at the back of the cafe and enjoy, or, take it out to your favourite lunch spot. This humble eatery can be found on Rivington Street. 


  1. W.A. GREEN - Dopamine for the home 


W.A. Green has an incredibly colourful and happy disposition. When walking past, you cannot help but have a gaze inside to see what’s going on. This store is mainly stocked with interior accessories, kitchen utensils, throws, lighting. However, you can also find the perfect small gift & card for your sassy friends. W.A. Green have rightly described themselves as ‘dopamine for the home’. We cannot agree more! If you want to find out more about W.A. Green, click here. 


  1. Monologue London


A beautiful concept store which will make you feel at home from the very moment you step foot inside. This store offers anything from plants, furniture, home accessories to small staples from up and coming designers. Located on Pitfield Street, be sure to have some time on your hands to truly appreciate the full store and what is on offer. Suitable for those who are either minimalist or maximalist. Another great shop if you are in need of a last minute gift without being cliche! - 


  1. Bottega Prelibato 


Another base HQ favourite! This restaurant is situated inside a small but cosy venue on Rivington Street, serving up all kinds of seasonal Italian deliciousness. This venue is perfect for a week day date night or a lazy afternoon lunch. If you aren’t hungry enough to try some of the dishes, we would highly recommend relaxing with a coffee and one of their pastries (which are freshly made in house). They also offer an ever changing lunchtime takeaway menu which you can often find updated via their Twitter account, or, this is displayed outside of the restaurant. Don’t take our word for it- go and try it out! You can find more information here.