New Studio on the Block: Claybrook
As the infamous saying goes ‘Earth without art is just eh’. Claybrook, the latest studio on Curtain Road, sure puts the ‘art’ into ‘earth’ perfectly in their stunning range of tiles. Shoreditch really is the ideal base for a studio as it is a hub of interior design, also boasting other brands such as House of Hackney, W.A.Green & Goodhood but to name a few of our favourites. Claybrook have something for every personal taste and any style of property; every collection well thought out and carefully sourced.
So, who exactly are Claybrook? A team of highly experienced individuals coming together, focused on creating a culture of genuine craftsmanship, innovative design & quality. Between the whole Claybrook team, they have just over a staggering 100 years of expertise in interiors and tiling. 
The level of expertise comes as no surprise when browsing through Claybrook’s range, which entices even the least detail oriented eyes. Having travelled the globe to find such curated pieces, you are sure to be impressed. Claybrook welcome large projects as well as smaller, more personal projects. Their portfolio boasts jobs for the likes of industry giants such as The Mandarin Oriental & Berkeley.
Our personal favourite has to be the ‘West Haven’ collection, which ranges from a simple skirting tile to the most intricate lattice mosaic tile. This particular range is a marble of grey and incredibly subtle pink. Stuck on where to use this beautifully thought out collection in your property? No problem! Claybrook have a recommendation in each collection on where to place these tiles and what kind of dimension or effect they will give.
If you are a fan of something much bolder, the ‘Navajo’ collection is sure to steal your heart. These are hand painted tiles by artisans in the United States, inspired by South West American native peoples with their decorative & weaving art. If you still can’t make up your mind, then Claybrook offer up to 4 free samples of tiles, free of charge!
If you love travel & design, Claybrooks journal is definitely one to follow. So far, they have made entries on their travels to Arizona & Morocco. Keep an eye out for handy entries including travel tips & general knowledge on the tile & design industry.
Claybrook have mastered the art of combining even the most daring colour choices that simply put; just work. Don’t believe us? Take a look yourself and visit their stunning two floor studio on 123 Curtain Road, Shoreditch.