New PropTech partners help us deliver the agency of tomorrow

The world of Estate & Lettings Agency is changing- and fast. For an industry that has remained largely unchanged for the last century or so- the last 10 years have seen huge changes in both legislation and technology or 'PropTech' as it is now referred to.

Since our company's launch in Shoreditch in May 2004 we have always had our focus firmly set on what an agent could (or rather should) be in the future. We started the company because we were, quite frankly, embarassed by the service offerings of most agents in the capital. Since then we have continually innovated, both in terms of our physical offerings and (more recently) through technology.

To deliver the very best of property services means partnering and collaborating with experts from various sectors to create a unique and market-leading offering.

Here is some info on our most effective or most recent partnerships:

Jupix - The Property Software Group & Zoopla

We were one of the first agents in the UK to adopt cloud-computing way back in 2008 and were one of the very first clients Jupix secured. Jupix is an agency software platform that helps us run our business and deliver innovative new solutions such as 'Property File'. Since then, the company has grown in leaps and bounds and is now part of the Zoopla property group. We work closely with Jupix & PSG to continue to evolve and innovate. Find out more about Jupix jupix website

Resource Techniques

We have been working with Resource Techniques on our brand new website that you now see before you. Having researched the industry to ensure we found the perfect partner for our 3rd website (we don't hang about you know) and Resource Techniques were impossible to ignore. We are delighted with the site we have developed with them and look forward to seeing improved traffic and a vastly improved UX. You can find out more about them Resource Techniques website


Virtual Tours still feel like something from a SciFi movie- but we love them. Whilst we never believe they will replace physical viewings, the ability to give interested parties an instant tour of a property to help generate a quality shortlist before hitting the road is fantastic. We partnered with EyeSpy360 in 2016 and we were the first Estate & Letting Agent in the UK to offer Virtual Tours for every listing (sales & lettings)and we did so with no cost to our clients. You can try a Virtual Tour of our office (on our Company Profile page) or check out tours available on many of our listings. You can find out more about the company EyeSpy360 website

Brief Your Market

Communications in an agency are vital. From informative helpful 'top tips', to catching up on the latest monthly news, to reminders of vital actions needed. Bringing consistancy to comms, especially within a smaller organisation, can often be a challenge. That is why we have chosen to partner with Brief Your Market in 2017. Their amazing platform will enable us to automate essential comms, generate a (new) monthly e-newsletter, carry out targetted mail shot campaigns and much more. We are really excited to see this platform bed in over the coming weeks and months. You can find out more about them Brief Your Market website

This is just the tip of the iceberg for us- with more partnerships in place and others in the pipeline. We will be creating a 'partners page' at a later date to promote the the various brands we collaborate with to deliver some of the UK's best property services. We are also actively looking for the next great tool or service to partner with- if you think this might be you please contact Kristjan/Craig.