Meet The Team: The One And Only, Admin Hero... Steve Akl!

After the popularity of our blog about our co-founder, An, we have decided to continue this trend for the rest of the team. It can be nice to get to know the person behind an email domain, right? 

After much convincing (and chasing *cough* only a year *cough*), we have finally managed to knuckle down Steve & get him to do a mini interview with us. So without further ado, let’s get to know Steve- our much loved hero of admin, perfectionist & head of mischief! 


So Steve, how long have you worked at base? 


6 years now! 


What did you do before base? 


Immediately before I was working at John Lewis in the large electrical department – I know quite a bit about washing machines and fridges. Interesting eh?


Do you remember your first day? If so, how would you explain this in one word? 


It’s a blur (see the answer below about memory!)


What has been your favourite moment throughout your time at base? 


Having fun with my colleagues. Once I had to go to a property to take some meter readings. Unbeknown to me, the lock was temperamental, the keys only worked to unlock the door from the outside! Once I was in the property, I tried to test the locks again and ended up locking myself inside the property. An had to come and rescue me! 


What would you say is your best quality? 


That I try my best at my job and everything that I do.


If you had a superpower, what would this be and why? 


To stop time, so that then I could do everything that I wanted. 


If you could choose one skill to instantly improve, what would it be? 


A better memory – I am getting old now.


Do you have a favourite member of staff? 


I don’t believe in hierarchies – long live the revolution!


What did you want to be when you were younger? 


A doctor.


What is your biggest achievement to date? 


Still having a head of hair.


How did you get the job at base? 


Bribery – I know the co-founder's history! 


What is your favourite property of ours? 


I really like the Garden Walk flats – then I could roll out of bed and be at work so quickly.


You certainly make everyone in the office smile regularly, who makes you smile the most? 


Everyone does – I like it that everyone has a naughty sense of humour at base.


Who, or what, inspires you? 


The thought of white wine on a Friday night!!!


Thanks to Steve for partaking in this mini interview in light of getting to know the team. We hope you had as much of a giggle as we did putting this together.