Important Update: A Revised Update To Our Tenants.

In light of last night’s announcement by the PM and very clear instructions issued to our industry today, please be advised that for the next 3 weeks (at least) we are operating on an ‘essential only’ basis.


For total clarity, this means as follows:


  • We continue to process rental payments as usual
  • No viewings are to be undertaken on any marketed properties (as mandated by government)
  • No physical inspections will take place (at our managed properties) until restrictions are lifted- however we would like to conduct video inspections with your help where possible- our team will be in touch if this is applicable to you
  • Scheduled Check-Ins & Outs will take place as planned- no other property visits are to take place during current restrictions
  • Maintenance- we will be operating an ‘essential only’ repairs service. This covers emergency issues of course- outside of that we will have to take a case by case look at the issue and how severely this will impact you during these difficult times to establish if we can and should have a contractor attend
  • Maintenance reporting- please continue to report maintenance issue via PropertyFile as you would normally- essential issues will be handled as swiftly as possible, non-essential issues will be addressed as quickly as possible once the current restrictions have been lifted. As previously advised, please do your best to address minor maintenance issues yourselves if you have the necessary tools, skills and feel you can do so without placing you or anyone else at any risk


Contacting Us


  • Whilst we will be monitoring our office phone system this will probably be the worst way to communicate with us during this crisis
  • Your best method of contact is to email a member of staff directly or, failing that, email
  • You can also contact us via our various Social Media platforms including twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn
  • Please understand that we may not be able to respond as quickly as we would normally- please do bear with us at these challenging times


Rents & Government Income support


We fully understand that many of you are understandably concerned about your income and your rental obligations. If you have serious and substantiated concerns in this regard at this time we recommend the following:


  • Immediately research what, if any, financial support is on offer during this crisis from government
  • Immediately contact your Local Council to advise them of your situation and understand what support is on offer to you from them
  • Immediately notify us (if we manage your tenancy) or your landlord of your predicament with as much information as possible
  • We have seen proposed outlines of support for the self-employed community and expect this to be ratified and announced soon- do monitor this space closely if applicable (as we are sure you already are)


However, we do also feel it is important all Tenants understand that negotiations around rental payments already underway by those directly and severely affected are around a delaying of rental obligations. That is to say, any rent reductions being offered at this time are currently on the basis that this reduction must be made up in the coming weeks and months as (and when) support is offered and/or when we come out of this major event.


As previously stated, as Founders An & I feel very strongly that you should have access to us if you feel this is necessary. We are here to help and support you in any reasonable way that we can. As such, our personal mobile numbers are set out in this email which has been sent to you all. 

Please take care, be safe and know that we are here for you! We will continue to update you as regularly as we can as and when major announcements are made.