From Manchester to London: Meet office 'newbie' Tristan!

Continuing the getting to know the team trend, we have interviewed  our newest addition, Tristan. Tristan has been with base since mid September and mainly deals with utilities, inspections, creating video content & showing us all how to really use a spreadsheet (yikes!). If we have any technical issues in the office, Tristan is usually our first port of call. At times, he will fix the problem before we even know we have one. So, let’s get to know him a little better… 


What did you do before base?


I have done a variety of things in my career before base, but I moved from Manchester to London in late 2018 after having been a model agent for 6 years.


Do you remember your first day? If so, how would you explain this in one word?




What has been your favourite moment throughout your time at base?

Can a moment last 36 hours? Because if so, our Amsterdam trip was pretty amazing.


What would you say is your best quality?


My ‘jack-of-all-trades’ness? This is something I’d describe as both a good thing and a bad thing, as it means I’m pretty decent at picking up a broad range of tasks/abilities but don’t have that one standout feature that would be perfect for a question such as this…


If you had a superpower, what would this be and why?


The ability to talk to dogs. I would then become the world’s leading (and possibly only) dog psychologist.


If you could choose one skill to instantly improve, what would it be?


Cooking! I’m not a bad cook but I would love to be able to call it a talent.


Do you have a favourite member of staff?


Steve. I have to confess though he’s also equally my least favourite member of staff. I’m not sure I’ve ever known somebody who can be such a lovely guy while at the same time so bloody annoying. I get him back by scaring him several times a day though so we keep things pretty even.


How has your  personal journey in the property industry gone so far, and has anything changed in this time?


So much has changed, I’ve learned lots about the industry and destroyed any pre-conceptions I had before working within it. Sitting directly in front of our Viking leader Kristjan is a privilege as I learn so much.


What is your favourite part of your role at base?


Being part of this team that does amazing things each day.


What did you want to be when you were younger?


My dream was to be on the stage as a performing musician.


What is your biggest achievement to date?


Hard to pin down just one. I’d say the most clear-cut and emphatic achievement was when I completed a 100-mile cycling sportive through North Wales. 8000 feet of climbing was not pleasant…


How did you get the job at base?


Through my friend Hannah, who already worked here, and posted the job advert to her Facebook. I clicked, enquired, applied, and was sat at my new desk not much later…


What is your favourite property of ours?


Tough question… I am a big fan of our flat in the Lion Mills development on Hackney Road. It’s not especially grandiose, but it is spacious and with nice high ceilings and in a lovely complex and probably one of the few places that I could have seen myself living in comfortably.


Tell us something about you that not many people know.


Even though I’ve done all sorts of sports all my life, from football to martial arts, I have never fractured or broken a bone.


Who, or what, inspires you?


My family. They’re all uber talented and dedicated in their own unique individual ways and I’m proud and inspired by them all.