East London Landlords- top tips for renting out a property in East London

The East London property market has probably undergone the biggest transformation of any widespread area of the Capital over the last 25 years; from Dalston's' nightlife and Shoreditch's' art scene to Canary Wharfs' property developments. These changes have led to East London being one of the most desirable places to live in Europe with its edgy/ artsy community, street markets, street art and artisan coffee shops and restaurants galore.

So, how do you make sure you make the most of such a buzz? Here are some top tips if you're looking to rent out your property in East London...

Art & Design

East London is renowned for its amazing art and design community. The thing is, artists and designers love to be inspired by their surroundings whether that's at work or at home. It's therefore a great tactic to embrace this approach and look to create inspirational homes for this demographic. This still gives you a lot of scope as some love more of a 'blank space' with the ability to make their own home. Others will respond to intricately designed spaces that embrace a particular design style. If you're not sure where to start there is loads of inspiration online- try the likes of dwell or houzz. Failing that you can always to enlist the help of a designer, artist, interior designer or architect's professional services depending on the scope, scale and budget of your project.

Coffee & Food

This might seem like a strange topic for a property article but it's really not. There is a huge passion around artisan food and coffee offerings across East London with some of the best new businesses launching from here. Many of these are start-ups, often launched by young people or those with limited means. However, where they develop their menu and experiment with new flavours and techniques all starts at home. So, why not be brave and create a property with the most amazing kitchen & dining set up? I'm not talking about some £50k Poggenpohl kitchen (are you mad)- no I'm talking something of a decent size that is like a working kitchen- maybe splash out on a range cooker or even genuine 'trade' appliances (there are loads of great 2nd deals around). Who knows, maybe your property can inspire the next Michelin star chef?

Nature, nature, nature

You don't often link London with nature, however, as London has some of the most 'green spaces' of any capital in the World this is a bigger appeal than you may think for people looking to rent property. East London boasts a variety popular spaces from Hackneys London Fields and Hackney Marshes to Victoria Park and Stratford's Olympic Park and much more- not to mention the canals network! Why not tap into this appeal and create a home that embraces 'all things nature'. You could wallpaper a whole wall with a unique nature landscape, or bring essences of the outdoors in. You could fill the space with an amazing array of plants (just make sure they are easy to look after) or style your bathroom like a canal boat. There's the other little touches like hanging plants by the front door, plant boxes in the windows....the options are almost limitless.

A bike, a bike, a kingdom for a bike

It's unlikely that you'll see more cyclists on the roads, in the parks and canal towpaths in any other part of London. It's not uncommon for people to spend thousands on these prized possessions- whether they are performance bikes or some rare 'fixie'. The important thing to remember is, when these people get home, they need somewhere to store them. Some will just want a secure storage place- others will want a storage solution that also puts their bike on display. There are some really funky, unique and very clever bike storage solutions around today so make sure you take a look- Tenants love it when a Landlord has genuinely considered the living practicalities (and the bonus is you're unlikely to have lots of pesky tyre marks in the flat).

Be International

London is possibly the most diverse and cosmopolitan capital in the World and nowhere is this more evident than across the East London property market. Pockets of East London have, over time, become popular with certain nationalities and communities. There is nothing wrong with tapping into that. So, if you know the area is popular with (for example) the Spanish community- why not bring a hint of Spain to your property for rent. They might have left home to be here- but I don't know anyone who doesn't like a little reminder of home. Be create, be stylish, be brave and create a property that Tenants will call home and love.