base property specialists: The path to a multi-award winning agency.

Base started in 2004 when An & Kristjan set out, determined to deliver an entirely new experience for Landlords and tenants. Having worked together in an agency where the business’ interests always came before its landlords and tenants were treated like an inconvenience. They decided it was time to take the plunge and build the agency they felt London landlords and tenants deserved. Almost 16 years on, baseps is far from where it began. Each year the agency goes from strength to strength, from winning more awards, adopting more technology to even achieving more ‘best ever’ months. So, what exactly has made base so successful and why does it continue to grow? 


1. Putting values first


We talk a lot about having a client's best interest at heart, but, what does this really mean in terms of value for our clients? When base started back in 2004, An & Kristjan wanted to ensure they started as they meant to go on: with fair pricing (for both tenants and landlords), good advice (even if this didn’t always mean winning the instruction) and a solid customer service ethic. Through doing this, base has grown organically through recommendations. Fun fact: our first ever landlord base invoiced is still with us to this day, 16 years later! 

2. Adopting processes which enhance experiences 


Base has always been a forward thinking agent who isn’t shy to adopt new technology or review processes to improve. As our blog about dealing with COVID19 states, base has many platforms which not only make life easier for all involved, but enhance a landlord or tenant experience. When you ensure processes are customer service driven, you show your landlords that you care about them getting the best service possible. Moreover, tenants are happier with base than ever due to the easy, straightforward processes which take the stress out of renting. 


3. Creating a network of contractors 


Contractors are easy come and easy go, especially in London. There is so much work going around that it can be really tricky to find a network of trusted professionals. Luckily, over the years base have managed to secure some amazing contractors who, like base, share the same customer centric approach. In doing so, base have created a tried and tested network of contractors who deliver the best service possible for a competitive rate. 


4. Transparent & fair pricing


Agents have all kinds of fee structures. One thing that is particularly prominent in fee structure among agents is hidden fees. Whilst it may appear that you have found yourself a good deal, there are often hidden fees for the agent generating documents, such as an income tax report. Base have always had a clear pricing structure for landlords. Whilst this is not the cheapest fee you will encounter, it is very reflective of the service you receive & inclusive of anything you may need. An & Kristjan have always felt very strongly about agents charging any fees unnecessarily and as such, try to keep the pricing model as fair as possible. 

Above are just a small handful of reasons base managed to achieve its goal of raising the bar for agents. Because they were able to instil such value to a service, base is now a multi-award winning agency, where other small agency owners often approach An or Kristjan for advice. If you know a landlord who could benefit from services such as the above, you can get in touch here.