Meet The Team: The One And Only, Admin Hero... Steve Akl!

After the popularity of our blog about our co-founder, An, we have decided to continue this trend for the rest of the team. It can be nice to get to know the person behind an email domain, right?  After much convincing (and chasing *cough* only a year *cough*), we have...

Spitalfields: The Weird & The Wonderful

Spitalfields was very rural until the Great Fire of London. By 1666, traders had started to operate beyond the city gates. In more recent history, we know it as a place for social disturbance and culture. Naturally, the area became home for different cultures & immigrants...

Our Top 4 Affordable Places To Rent In East London.

It is no secret that living in London is costly. When you need to find a more affordable place to live, it can be hard to determine which areas are the most affordable. Being an East London agent, we thought it would be helpful to write a brief guide on the best affordable places...

New Landlords: 3 Ways To Make Your Rental Property More Attractive.

For new landlords, the first venture into renting out your property can be quite daunting. Many factors come into play when assessing the correct rental guideline which in essence will be the key to securing tenants. Whilst the situation & size of your property will play a...

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