An Important Update For Tenants: New Guidelines On COVID-19.

The government's announcement to ease lockdown restrictions has caught many agents off-guard. Reading some of the coverage of this matter over the last 24-48 hours you'd be forgiven for believing that it's 'back to business as usual' for the property sector- but that is far from the truth.

Whilst many agents are excited about returning to their offices and servicing the 'pent up demand' that is constantly cited in the press- the real picture is quite different. There is a long way yet to go and, unless we are careful, cases will spike, more casualties will come and we face a very real possibility of another lockdown. We have a duty of care to our staff, you- our tenants and our loved ones which must be the priority in these strange times. As such, any steps taken must be with great care, caution and consideration.


As such, here is how we will be conducting business for the foreseeable future:

-our team will continue to work from home at full operational capacity

-we continue to be here to offer our full array of services

-with your collaboration we will continue to avoid any unnecessary accessing of your home be that by a member of our team, a 3rd party contractor or a prospective tenant


We sincerely hope that you understand and support this approach as we move forwards. We will continue to monitor things closely with a view to returning to 'normal' (whatever that means now) as soon as the rules and environment permit. Should you have any direct questions about this, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


Take care and stay safe and we will update you accordingly as and when anything changes.