Agents Giving Greek Night with Location Location

Two months ago, at the Agents Giving Summer Charity Ball, base took part in the charity raffle, with a winning bid placed on a Greek barbecue feast hosted by Location Location! Well, time travels fast and Friday 9th September saw the base team head up to Enfield to be the guests of Location Location’s Managing Director Vicky and her partner Amy (ViewMyChain). Also in attendance was the wonderful Stephen Brown (SJB Consultancy) - and what an evening we were all treated to!


Our super hosts did not hold back - the food they rustled up was plentiful and delicious. Our feast was made up of a range of dips including Tzatziki, Tarama, Hummus, alongside several salads, garlic olives, and grilled pitta bread. For protein, we could choose from spit-roasted lamb, chicken and pork (or some of all three!), as well as spicy sausages, grilled mushrooms, and stuffed feta peppers. Dessert was a beautiful baklava cheesecake, and all was washed down with amazing homemade rum punch and bubbles.

IMG_0400 Large.jpeg

In classic Great British BBQ style, the weather was all over the place, swiftly switching between warm sunshine and thunderstorms with heavy rain! This did not deter our fearless grillardin, who was adequately prepared to continue working with the barbecue throughout the downpour.

Just when we thought the evening couldn’t be improved upon, Vicky and Amy presented base director An and her partner Diana with the most amazing Wonderwoman surprise cake to celebrate their 23rd anniversary - such a wonderfully generous thought and gift!

Without doubt, a fabulous night that left everybody feeling very merry and like they wouldn’t be needing to eat again for at least a week. Many thanks to Vicky, Amy and Location Location for a superb evening in aid of Agents Giving.