Affordable art for your London home.

It goes without saying that whatever your taste in interior, a good piece of art work can really make a house a home. However, buying pieces of art (and sourcing them) can often become a pricey process. So, we’ve written this blog to help you find some cost effective solutions to complete your interior.

London is a hub of creativity

The good news is, London is brimming full of budding artists & photographers. You can pick up some really great pieces of art or prints from many markets. Some of our favourite markets to source art or photography prints from are: Spitalfields Arts Market, Greenwich Market & Hackney Flea Market. Here you will be able to pick up some stunning bargains to fill your home with. We highly recommend: Sam Warr Photography (found in Greenwich Market every weekend, he also does personal events/shoots!), Adrian Higgins Visual Artist (Spitalfields Arts Market – perfect for animal lovers) & DIY Art Shop (Hackney Flea Market – not limited to art work! You can even find furniture, plants, etc).

Utilise the internet!

The internet has a use for everything – finding affordable pieces to decorate your home with is one of them! Websites such as Etsy are great for shopping for this from the comfort of your own home. Ebay or Amazon is also a great contender for finding bargains to hang on the wall, however do be careful when ordering & pay attention to the size of We love the choice of Line Art on Etsy which is super affordable & perfect for those with a minimalist taste. Check it out here.


The most cost effective of all is a simple DIY project. Not only can you occupy your weekends with a little creativity - you can also showcase a little of your personality through your own medium of art. Materials are cheap and easy to purchase at shops such as Tiger & Ebay. If you feel like getting a little fancier, collect some free magazines or newspapers & create a collage. Frame it & voila! Don’t be afraid to experiment with colours, textures & materials. Alternatively, print some much loved shots of the city (great place to do this is Shoreditch) and frame those.

Rent it

You heard right – Harth are revolutionising the way we create our interior. This platform makes it really simple for you to rent designer pieces of art monthly – meaning if you’re indecisive you can get access to a new piece each month. Aside from art Harth also rent out pieces such as accessories, furniture & lighting. Check it out here

Lacking inspiration?

If you’re lacking inspiration, a great place to look is ArtGallery - here you can browse and purchase pieces for under 50 pounds. From paintings to portraits you can find something for every room, every colour for every individual style.