6 Reasons To Live in Shoreditch

Shoreditch is well-known for many things- brilliant coffee shops, quirky pop-ups, street art & award-winning bars & eateries. It is no secret that Shoreditch has become a somewhat legendary hub of creatives. Needless to say, Shoreditch is a far cry from where it was some years ago. But, what makes this lively area such a great place to live? 


  1. Diverse Population


Shoreditch is where city professionals who crave a shorter commute meet traditional East End creatives & small businesses. The area is populated with an incredibly diverse mix of people. There are very few places in London that have such a mix of people from all different backgrounds. No matter what your story, career or identity- Shoreditch is a home for anyone. 


  1. Unique Property 


Being a blend of both modern & old school, Shoreditch has some of the most unique properties to offer. These range from conversions out of old loft spaces (usually former factories) to flashy new builds. No matter what your taste is, you can almost guarantee you’ll find something that matches your criteria. Check out what we currently have to rent in Shoreditch here


  1. Fantastic Transport Links


Truly one of the best places to live if transport links are important to you. Within a 2 mile radius of Shoreditch you will have access to: London Overground, Northern Line, London Liverpool Street Station, direct bus links into The City & South London & slightly further afield in Bethnal Green is the central line. So, regardless of whether you need to go East, West, North or South, Shoreditch has you covered on all bases. 


  1. Amenities


When it comes to amenities, Shoreditch is king. You will find that no matter the day Shoreditch has a lively social scene. Some of our favourite highlights of Shoreditch’s amenities are- award-winning eateries & bars, concept gyms & workout classes, London's first cat cafe, endless pop-up events, Brick Lane where you can browse the Sunday market with endless food stalls & Columbia Road Flower Market. 


  1. Social Scene


If you’re a social butterfly then there simply isn’t a better area to live. When arranging meet-ups with friends, you have all kinds of activities on offer. You’re guaranteed a good time with a lively & buzzing social scene. If you prefer to socialise on a more quiet basis, you can find some of the best restaurants Shoreditch has to offer tucked down alleyways. Don’t be afraid to explore! 


  1. Historic Background


Don’t let the new age Shoreditch fool you- this place is a hub of history dating back hundreds of years. If you pay close attention whilst exploring, you’ll find a lot of hidden historic features still exist. For example, you may still see old plaques up on the older buildings. These were indicators for insurance companies to know who had insurance. So back in the day, if there was ever a fire & the wrong fire truck arrived, they may well turn away from a burning building if you had insurance with a competitor! To get to know more about the surrounding areas' history, click here