5 Things You Can Do To Keep Yourself Sane During Isolation.

If, like many of us, you are already struggling to occupy your time during isolation, you will need some fresh ideas to keep yourself (and others) entertained. Below we have listed 5 of the coolest things you (or your family) can do from the comfort of your own home. 


  1. Get reading! 


You are simply lying if you say that you do not have a pile of ‘to read’ books somewhere in your home. We all do. The books we buy to read on holiday that we don’t pick up, or, the book a colleague kindly lent to you that you haven’t even opened. Since we are required to stay indoors, it is the perfect time to get stuck into reading that book. After all, it has been proven that reading increases your mental stimulation & decreases your stress.

  1. The Royal Opera House


Whilst The Royal Opera House has closed the curtain for one last time until further notice, this won’t stop them from providing their fan base with entertainment. The Royal Opera House will be offering a stream via their YouTube channel & website that will offer a never seen before, behind-the-scenes view of the building and facilities. This will allow those who purchased tickets to cancelled events and those looking for a different kind of entertainment to get stuck into some exclusive material. These broadcasts will be free, with a timetable running from March to April including performances such as Peter and the Wolf and The Metamorphosis.


  1. Animal lovers, unite! 


If you or your little ones have fast exhausted the TV and it’s channels, we have something great that you can do. You can watch live streams from cameras from around the world's zoos. Yes, you heard right. Any animal of your desire, you can tune in to watch live, night or day. These live camera streams are incredibly entertaining, easy to tune into & accessible night or day, 24 hrs 7 days a week. Simply type in ‘Zoo live cam’ into Google and you will be presented with an array of zoo’s live feeds. 

  1. Explore the world through Museum & Gallery Tours 


For all of those history, book & art lovers, this is the perfect way to visit those places you have always wanted to take a look around. Amazingly, SecretLdn has collated a grand total of 34 galleries & museums that you can take advantage of, online. Now, this collection is not limited to the UK, it is from all over the world. A perfect, educational time waster. If you want to check out features from Amsterdams Rijksmuseum, or, Guggenheim Museum in New York, click here


  1. Don’t forget your friends & family. 


The most important one, stay in touch! Isolation and having to stay home doesn’t mean segregating yourself from friends or family. Pick up the phone and talk to your friends and family. Schedule a family video call if you can on important occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries. Tech is truly our best friend in these challenging times. Let’s remember to stay together, even when we have to be apart.