Lets With Pets

Should you have a pet and wish to rent a property through us we will have to verify that both the property and landlord permit pets. Landlords may want a higher rent to accommodate a higher level of wear and tear at the property. You will also be required to sign our Pet Rider- the terms of which are:

1. The landlord has granted permission for the tenant to keep [description of pet] at the property. No further pets are to be kept at the property without the landlords’ specific and prior written consent. 2. The tenant must repair any and all damage caused by the pet and is liable for any and all costs associated with this.

3. The tenant must ensure that the pet is (where applicable) properly trained so as not to be a nuisance or danger to other people and/or neighbours. Where the pet is deemed a nuisance/danger the aggrieved party must take the issue to the Local Council and/or Police and the Tenant must respect any decision reached by them.

4. Should, upon inspection, it be found that the pet is causing excessive damage to the property the landlord reserves the right to request that any and all damage is repaired, at the cost of the tenant, within 1 calendar month of written notice. Also, should the presence of the pet result in odours that are causing a nuisance either to other occupants/tenants of the building or to nearby properties and this complaint is upheld by at least 2 Parties the tenants will have 1 calendar month from written notice to rectify and resolve this issue. Should these works not be completed within this timescale the landlord is entitled to serve the tenant 2 month’s written notice to either remove the pet from the property indefinitely or for the tenant to vacate the property. In this event, where the tenant chooses to vacate the property prior to the end of the tenancy agreement, the ‘Early Termination of the Tenancy’ (Addendum A1: 11) will be enforced.

5. The entire property including the kitchen and all associated furniture & appliances, the flooring and any/all soft furnishings, including any carpet, must be professionally steam cleaned at the expense of the tenant, once the property has been vacated.

6. The property must be provided in a very clean state once it has been vacated to ensure that there is no pet hair, waste (droppings/urine) or associated bugs/insects (fleas, ticks, etc.) at the property that may cause any issues with the landlords or future occupiers. This includes the fact that there must not been any remaining odour of the pet nor of its waste (droppings/urine)- any and all necessary action must be taken to ensure odours are permanently removed. Where the landlord or base deem this has not been done to a satisfactory level they may engage professionals to rectify this at the cost of the tenant.