Property Inventories

Although not a legal requirement, property inventories are an essential document for any Landlord of London property. There is the misconception that an inventory is just a list of a property’s contents. This is a serious misunderstanding, which could cost a Landlord dearly. An inventory is a detailed record and description of a property, its condition, fixtures, fittings, appliances and, where applicable, furnishings.

A property inventory should contain and describe everything you see and use in your accommodation from the wall and floor coverings to power points, light switches, curtains, fences and gardens. It should contain photographs showing the layout of contents as well as close-ups showing the cleanliness and condition of individual items. Quite simply - if it is not listed, it is not protected!

Benefits of a professional inventory

Due to government legislation, should a landlord wish to make deductions from a deposit at the end of a tenancy, a landlord must be able to prove that the damage was caused by the tenants during their stay and justify the requested deductions. The most effective way to do this is to have a professional inventory in place- witnessed, verified and signed by all tenants.

Should a tenant dispute a deduction and the matter is passed to an ICE (Independent Case Examiner) with the applicable deposit registration scheme (TDS/TDSL/DPS) this will be one of the key documents expected to support a landlord’s claims. Failure to provide a suitable document will almost certainly result in the landlord’s proposed deductions being declined and the full deposit being returned to the tenant.

Landlords are welcome to create their own inventory of their house or flat, but we do not recommend this. Inventories are an incredibly detailed document and can therefore be very onerous to produce. By using an experienced, professional inventory company, you can be sure of a complete document created by an independent party.

Recommended service

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