We were quoted on www.lovingdalston.co.uk sharing our views of the new plans to build a high-rise tower at Shoreditch Shakespeare site:

 IS THIS a skyscraper I see before me, Shakespeare might have wondered, as a skyscraper is due to rise up where his plays were first staged in London.

[….] What’s in a name?” wrote Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet. “That which we call a rose.” Will this proposal smell as sweet to local people?

A community group has been asked for its view. Kristjan Byfield, a founder of Shoreditch letting agent Base Property Specialists, told Loving Dalston: “As a local business owner and estate agent, I love the plans. London needs more accommodation and there is one solution, to build upwards.

[….] “It is one of the better schemes and it is great that a local architect has been used — it is another vital element of ongoing development to actively involve local people, businesses and professionals as much as possible. Thumbs up to this one.”

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