base-Telegraph-300x287.jpgWe were quoted by The Telegraph in their Mortgages section, regarding the rise in Buy-to-Let investments:

Kristjan Byfield, director of sales and letting agents Base Property Specialists, a London-based agency, said: "In much of the country, buy-to-let has become the engine room of the property market as a whole.

"Low-interest rates have achieved a neat double act - making mortgages more affordable, and making buy-to-let a substantially more attractive investment than low-paying savings accounts.

"Average net rental yields for buy-to-let landlords in London are currently between 6 per cent and 10 per cent - not to mention the potential capital gains property can offer. Given the small levels of interest paid to savers, buy-to-let has an irresistible financial logic for a growing number of people who have some money to invest."

Read the full article here and contact us if you are interested in becoming a Buy-to-Let landlord with base property specialists.