in-the-press-express-300x275.jpgThe Daily Express turned to us for insights on the property market as they reported on the growing demand for £1million plus homes:

Kristjan Byfield, director of estate agents, Base Property Specialists said: "The property market is hardly fluid, but it's hanging in there. The collapse many predicted has failed to materialise.

"Transactions have certainly slowed over the summer, but then that's to be expected.

"We're not expecting fireworks in the autumn. With the economy where it is, and lenders still pedantic at higher LTVs, the market will continue to plod along for the foreseeable. Every sale is a struggle.

"The regional month-on-month figures tend to bounce around, but if there's one clear trend, it's that London and the South East are far more resilient than the rest of the UK, especially the North which is looking vulnerable.

"Anyone wanting to sell in the current market must get their pricing right and be incredibly realistic, or they can forget to move.

"What we are finding is that, in many cases, it's better to underprice as that triggers a bidding process that can result in a higher end sales price."