South China Morning Post - Living in London grows more costly

Our base co-founder Kristjan Byfield featured in the January 7th 2023 article on the South China Morning Post titled 'Living in London grows more costly as UK inflation bites, rents rise with fewer choices'.

Hilary Clarke writes about the topic of the increasing unaffordability of housing in London, specifically the cost of renting. It highlights the trend of more people sharing flats due to the high cost of rent and delves into the broader economic context of the UK, including a high rate of inflation and a prolonged recession.

“Where we used to have say 14 inquiries for a property, we now have 70 or 80,” Kristjan Byfield, co-founder of property lettings agency Base Property Specialists in London’s Shoreditch district, told South China Morning Post.
He said their vacant property advertisements online sometimes get taken down in “20 minutes because we have already had 50 inquiries”.

You can read the full article on the following link: