Financial Times - Inside London's Rental Crisis

Our base co-founder Kristjan Byfield featured in the December 28th article on the Financial Times titled Inside London's Rental Crisis.

Oliver Barnes writes about the state of the UK rental market, and how it has experienced increased demand and higher prices due to the pandemic and accompanying economic downturn. Demand for two-bedroom properties in London has increased 59% compared to 2019, while the number of available properties to rent has decreased by 35%, according to Rightmove. The number of homes in the UK rental stock has remained mostly unchanged for the past seven years, leading to competition for available properties.

“It’s like everyone who left London or went back to Mum and Dad’s during the pandemic was in the same WhatsApp group and decided the very same week: ‘Should we all move back?’”

The entire article can be viewed on the following link - a Financial Times subscription will likely be required to access.