Early Termination

Should you find that you want or need to terminate your tenancy before the contracted term has been completed, using the ‘Early Termination of your Tenancy’ clause (A1.8) in your tenancy agreement, the key terms that must be adhered to are as follows:

1) That the current tenant(s) continues to pay all rent due as mandated in the signed tenancy agreement until the commencement of the new tenancy and that no rent is outstanding.

2) That upon termination of the tenancy there is no damage to the property and the property is returned in a clean and tidy condition as specified in the signed tenancy agreement.

3) That the new tenant(s) is acceptable to base property specialists’ ltd. and is able to provide acceptable references and, if applicable, guarantors.

4) That the tenant(s) provide every assistance in the letting of the property including permitting base property specialists ltd. unrestricted access to show prospective tenants the property.

5) That the tenant(s) shall refund to the landlord the pro-rata charge paid to place them in that property at 12% (10%+VAT) of the remaining contractual rent.

6) That if the tenant(s) changes their mind after an applicant has paid a Holding Deposit the above fees and charges will fall due. If the Tenant changes their mind prior to base securing a Holding Deposit only the advertising costs expended will be due.

7) That the tenant(s) will (if applicable) settle the difference between the contractual rent and the agreed rent on the new tenancy for the time they are not remaining in situ should the replacement tenancy be for a lower monthly rent.