Don't Stress

We know all too well, that when something breaks down at a property this can be stressful for everyone- you, your tenants- even your managing agent! That’s why, in 2012, we launched what we call ‘base/ic appliances’.

Simply put- when an appliance breaks down at one of our managed properties, the first thing we do is dispatch an ‘on loan’ appliance- completely free of charge! Nice huh?

We think this helps everyone:

  • Tenants get an instant (if temporary) resolution allowing them to get on with their busy lives- stress free. Importantly for our Landlords- this almost always eliminates any potential calls for compensation.
  • Landlords- well you get a bit of breathing space whilst we help you find the best possible long-term solution for the issue- safe in the knowledge that your Tenants are taken care of.

We were the first agent in the UK to offer this service and believe we still are- you can find out more about ‘base/ic appliances’ here .

So, maybe it’s time you contacted us about letting & managing your property for you?


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