Since our launch in 2004 base have cemented ourselves as one of the most respected and pioneering estate & letting agents in the UK. Our focus on industry-leading customer service combined with cutting edge innovation through tech and unique service offerings such as maintenants and base/ic appliances means there are few companies better positioned to see where the industry and property market are heading.

Base was one of the early pioneering agents to place the lettings and management at the heart of our business rather than the traditional sales service offerings. Our senior staff all have at least a decade of experience (if not considerably more) within their relevant sector and, as such, are considered experts in their chosen field.

However, we are not just agents. We are Landlords, Tenants, Buyers and Sellers- we are experienced in all elements of our services and, as such, can often give a unique insight into the sector/industry and where it is heading.

We are therefore often consulted by a myriad of entities- from private individuals thinking about becoming a Landlord/Property Investor for the first time to a seasoned professional looking to expand their portfolio. We can also offer service to corporates and larger institutions looking to enter or improve their performance within the PRS sector or entering the Build to Rent sector.

As PropTech pioneers within our industry we are also regularly asked to consult for a myriad of individuals and companies at various start-up stages. We are able to give provide these parties with valuable insight as to how their product might be received, the challenges facing adoption and (most importantly) truly understanding pf the needs of our industry/sector.

If you are interested in engaging our consultancy services then please email the office here or contact our office (M-F 1000-1830) on 020 7033 1901.