Change of Tenant

If you wish to use the ‘Change of Tenancy’ clause (A1.9) set out in your tenancy agreement here is the process that must be followed:

1) In order to enact the Change of Tenant clause at least one original tenant must remain at the property for the entire contracted term

2) Once you have found new replacement tenant(s) a payment of £240 (inc. VAT) will be required in order to progress the application- this paid using the same bank details of your initial move in monies and/or rental payments to base. The charge applies ‘per process’- as such we can potentially change several tenants for one charge if the entire change is processed as one transaction

3) The new tenant(s) will need to provide Proofs of ID (passport/photo ID) and address (bank statement or utility bill dated within 12 weeks) as well as their mobile number and email address. If they are a not a British citizen, base will require a copy of any Visas and a Right to Rent share code as well (see: Once we have this all (and if applicable) we will then start a comprehensive Tenant referencing application with a chosen partner to ensure they are a viable replacement.

4) On the basis their application is approved (not to be unreasonably withheld) the new tenant(s) will need to pay their share of the tenancy Security Deposit to base.

5) The vacating tenant(s) will need to ensure that their bedroom is handed over in the same clean and tidy state as it was supplied in at the start of the tenancy (note this may include the need for a professional clean and possibly having the carpets steam cleaned).

6) All tenants (remaining & new) will need to sign the newly issued tenancy paperwork prior to the new tenant(s) taking up occupancy at the property.

7) The new tenant(s) will need to approve the current inventory and confirm that they are happy with the inventory of their new bedroom and the condition it has been provided/handed over in.

8) Any remaining tenants will have to confirm their agreement that the vacating tenant(s) deposit shares can be refunded (i.e. have all bills been settled between you and is there anything that you know that they have done that could result in a deposit deduction at the end of the tenancy).

9) A deposit certificate will be set up including all new tenant and all remaining tenants on the day of the tenancy starting. The deposit refund to the vacating tenants can only be facilitated once all the above steps have been concluded.