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How do landlord and tenants make sure they have adequate contents insurance?

Stealth Computer (except for the dang printers)

Have you got a roomful of un- or under-insured gadgets and equipment?

There has been a spate of recent burglaries in the Capital. Last week, there was the case of a young woman who was left so traumatised after being burgled by four teenagers in Stoke Newington that she emigrated to America. With the anticipated change of current laws in favour of homeowners protecting themselves against burglars, more and more people are realising that indeed prevention is better than cure. But a cure can be very costly if you don’t have valid Contents Insurance in place.

Who actually remembers to save every receipt, to take photos of valuables for their records, to call their Insurance Company when they buy a new TV or Smart phone so they can increase their cover…? Not many of us it seems. Contents Insurance is apparently lower than ever on our list of priorities! A recent poll found that it came 9th out of 10 in order of importance, with Car Insurance and Home Insurance top of the list and even Pet Insurance making it in at number 3!

Nowadays it is more vital than ever to have adequate contents insurance, with our love for expensive gadgets such as iPads, Android phones, Flat Screen TVs, digital cameras, Blu-Ray & DVD Players, Laptops, Computers and Games Consoles bringing Insurance claims up to tens of thousands of pounds.

And Tenants are apparently the worst offenders when it comes to contents insurance. While the furnishings which came with the apartment may be insured by the Landlord himself, you can still be held liable if you are found to carry some blame.  And protecting yourself from having all your valuable possessions stolen is not even that expensive when you consider how many gadgets most of us have…

Contents Insurance starts from as little as £10 per month and rises depending how much valuables you own, so make sure you don’t under-insure! To insure £25,000 worth of goods, the premium can come to around £40 per  month, which is still far cheaper than having to replace just one costly gadget.

One of our tenanted properties was burgled a while back. The thieves rang all the buzzers within that block and once they got no response they assumed no one was home and kicked the front door in. They then went to the top floor flat and kicked the door with such force that it literally came off its hinges. The tenant had only locked one of the three available locks which made it a lot easier. Once inside they made off with a phone, laptop, and various other goods, although they had to leave the 50-inch Plasma TV behind due to its size. Unfortunately the tenant in question did not have contents insurance and had to pay a lot of money out to replace the stolen items.

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