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Spitalfields Arts Market – Thursday 1st November – Sunday 4th November, from 10am -5pm

If you like your Art or maybe even indulge in a bit of painting yourself then this is an event you probably don’t want to miss. The Spitalfields Arts Market, set on Market Street, is on from Thursday 1st November until Sunday 4th November, from 10am until 5pm. A great place to browse and buy affordable art direct from established and up and coming artists, there’s something for every taste and every pocket at Spitalfields Arts Market with a wide choice of original artworks from paintings to photography from a changing mix of artists. It might just be the perfect place to find an original Christmas present for that special someone…

Here are just a few examples of what’s on offer:

East End Prints:

East end prints

East End Prints showcase a range of new limited editions, originals and print on demand prints from emerging artists – artwork to suit every taste, style and budget!  East End Prints is a small publisher based in Shoreditch primarily set up to support emerging artists onto all printed matter. We are constantly adding new prints to the range on a variety of themes from LOVE, Sport, Nature and Music. Prices start from £25 for unframed prints and you’ll find limited editions and originals for under £100.
Featured image Olympic London by Dieter Braun 30x40cm £25.

John Patrick Reynolds:

John Patrick Reynolds
Screenprinter John Patrick Reynolds is the first artist to have had permission from Britain’s top comic publisher DC Thomson to make screen prints using its unrivalled archive of old comic heroes and heroines. His prints feature cartoon favourites such as Dennis the Menace and his faithful dog Gnasher, Desperate Dan, Minnie the Minx and the Bash St Kids from classics of the genre The Beano and The Dandy as well as all the boys’ own adventure heroes from comics such as The Victor and Commando and forgotten gems such as teen romance comics from the 1960s. The handmade, limited edition screenprints are printed on handmade cotton paper from the St Cuthbert’s Mill in Somerset. Exhibitions of John’s screenprints have been held across the country from Devon to Dundee; examples are held at the Cartoon Museum in Bloomsbury and in academic collections.The picture above features a character called Alf Tupper, the Tough of the Track, from the Victor boys’ own adventure comic. It illustrates the strengths of the screenprinting medium: vivid flat colour and bold clean black outlines.
Prices range from £30 to £280 unframed.
Check out

Tom Lewis:

Tom Lewis
Tom’s work combines elements of street art, storytelling, and illustration blending eastern and western aesthetics to produce stunning prints that are playful, comical and alluring. In the run up to Christmas, Tom will be showing work from his recent collection.

Charlotte Gerrard:


Charlotte’s paintings and limited edition prints focus on the charm and character found throughout the animal kingdom. While you’ll find many animals featured, it is the docility and warm nature of cows that her palette knife favours, as she focuses on capturing the individuality, charm and serenity of these gentle and earthy creatures.

Architectural Art:

Architectural Art

These original paintings are formed out of a unique layering technique to give depth and space to the image. This also enables the production of large scale paintings to client specifications.These original paintings mainly include various historical and contemporary landmark buildings in major towns and cities. The work is unique in its construction and technique and the resulting pieces generate interest and fascination for the viewer, who is able to relate to familiar architecture through an alternative and stimulating interpretation.In conjunction with paintings, artistically enhanced photographs provide a thought-provoking environment for both home and office.

Gary Phillips:

Gary Philips

Gary Phillips is an artist, set painter and muralist based in Whitstable. He particularly loves to paint large scale work and painted the three story high murals in Lewisham and Bromley of Charles Darwin. His film credits include, Exodus (featuring Anthony Gormleys ‘waste man’) and The Libertine (featuring Johnny Depp).

Lene Bladbjerg:

Lene Bladberg
Lene is a Danish artist based in London. Her work is influenced by her background as a graphic designer – typography and grids drift in and out of her pieces creating haunting images and surprising messages. Lene’s work can be very thought-provoking. She pays great attention to the smaller scale details of everyday life. In her work she attempts to capture the hidden beauty or interesting aspect of even the most ordinary of events or objects. She often creates her work by incorporating unusual materials, often re-cycled.

Wachira Sucharitkul

Wachira is a Thai artist who works with oil and acrylic on stretched framed canvases and her beautiful art work is inspired by the impressionist movement.  Commissions are welcome including portraits of family, pets and babies.
You can see more of her beautiful artwork at


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