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Pitfield London- gorgeous food & furniture in the heart of Hoxton

I recently stumbled across a fantastic new additional to the local area on the way to value a property the other day- The local business Pitfield London on Pitfield Street in Hoxton, N1.

From interior designer Shaun Clarkson and textile designer Paul Brewster this exciting new venture only opened this past winter and reflects  their  bold,  whimsical  tastes  creating  a  retail  and  exhibition  space  that  is  pure fantasy and escapism. Clarkson and Brewster discovered the area’s charms almost 20 years ago, having lived and worked in the neighbourhood  long before it became the place to be, so are far from ‘new kids on the block’.

A much-­‐needed  addition to this edgy corner of the city, Pitfield delivers on so many levels- it’s a stylish curiosity  shop as well as  a  curatorial  space  with  a  constantly  rotating  exhibition  of  local  London designers where craftspeople  and  artists  sit  alongside  well-­‐established  international  brands,  design classics, re-­‐invented items, vintage pieces and Clarkson’s and Brewster’s own designs.

The  Pitfield  Café  is  an  extension  of  the  lifestyle,  bringing  Clarkson’s  designs  to  life  in  an environment  that  people  can  experience  and  buy  into.  The  café  offers a meeting place and an inspired gathering place in which to socialise or work. Clarkson and Brewster  have  partnered  with  Eddy Grappy  who  designs  the  menu  and  runs  the  café.  Freshly ground,  specialist  coffee  will  be  complemented   by  brownies,  muffins,  cakes  and  luscious,  fluffy meringues  made  on-­‐site.    On  the  savoury  side,  super-­‐healthy  salads,  sandwiches  and  pizzas,  all  using local produce, will also be on the menu. Pass by their window and you will see why it is virtually impossible to resist stepping inside!

What’s more, the café is furnished with found items and reworked vintage pieces- all of which are unique and for sale. “If somebody wants to pay for the chair he is sitting on and walk out with it, we can arrange that,” says Clarkson. “Or if they like the cake stand, they can buy that too.” Pitfield will continue to change and evolve regularly. In what is effectively a raw space, the vignettes created by Clarkson and Brewster will always compel, inspire and draw in the creative and curious. Their work can never be described as bashful: it is dramatic, sometimes over the top and always incredibly rich in cultural and historical references.

Either way, their designs belie a perfectionist’s eye for detail and an absolute passion for every single item  in  the  room,  be  it  a  distinctive  mid-­‐century  vase  or  some  unusual  wallpaper  from  a  small manufacturer in California. Nothing is an accident. With Brewster’s unparalleled  experience in the textiles world, coupled with his sharp exquisite taste, pattern  and  colour  will  be the  order  of the  day.  Brewster’s  work  with  designers  such  as Versace, Gianfranco  Ferre and Diane von Furstenberg  has allowed  him to bring an elegant splash of tasteful excitement to the interiors environments he helps to define.

Most of us have been in a signature Shaun Clarkson-­‐designed environment,  be it the Harvey Nichols bar, the bar at the Oxo Tower, the Dukes Hotel Bar or a seemingly simple but wonderfully loud La Porchetta pizza restaurant, all of which exude Clarkson’s unique and vibrant style.

Brewster and Clarkson’s beautiful east London house was recently featured in World of Interiors magazine and was photographed in all its glamorous glory with their fantastic collections of objects found at car-­‐boot sales, flea markets and antiques fairs. Equally, their two other country retreats in Norfolk, Carrington House and Cliff Barns, are stamped with their unwavering spirit, hallmark clashing patterns and unforgettable colours. It is this very spirit that will be transported straight into Pitfield, the only store of its kind in London. “I’ve been designing  for 20 years,” says Clarkson.  “And it’s now time for us to open this space and bring a bit of our fantastical lifestyle into a retail environment.”


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