German Oktoberfest in Shoreditch

The famous German Oktoberfest comes to Shoreditch!

Waitress in traditional German 'dirndl dress'  Shoreditch Oktoberfest

Bavarian Beer House, 190 City Road London, London, EC1V 2QH

As a German National I am of course and quite understandably a little biased in promoting this event. Although surprisingly I am neither a huge fan of beer or Sauerkraut, – instead the reason I love the Oktoberfest is the atmosphere. The mixture of German traditions honoured and celebrated by both Germans and foreign Nationals (amusingly attempting to get everyone to keep up with their tradition of drinking beer out of the infamous “Beer stein” – which holds an entire litre of beer), the raucous laughter sounding through the crowd, the twirly moustaches (which are nowadays just as commonly seen in Shoreditch and Hoxton as in the deepest mountains in Bavaria), and of course the food – glorious mammoth-size German Sausages, Schnitzels as big as Plates and other German imported specialities.

While there are quite a few Oktoberfest-themed events across the Capital during October, this one is rumoured to be the best.  It has attracted lots of attention and publicity and last year Al Murray even came down to tap the first Keg of beer. Now in its 9th year, this original-style Bavarian Beer house is always full capacity and the effort to keep things authentic is certainly made…  The staff wear authentic German National outfits: Dirndl-dresses for the Ladies, and Lederhosen for the Men. Complimentary Table service means no lengthy queuing at the bar, leaving people more time to eat, drink and be merry!  Since the event started in 2004 they have supposedly welcomed nearly 130,000 guests to their annual Oktoberfest celebrations, who all enjoy a mix of imported German and Bavarian beers, hearty food and original Bavarian entertainment. Last year, during Oktoberfest season, Bavarian Beer house sold over 264,000 pints of German beers, 15,000 pork schnitzels, more than 40.000 sausages and almost 900 Kilos of Sauerkraut!

Guests have a choice between two London venues – the Bavarian Beer house rustic Bier Kelle in Old Street and its sister venue in Tower Hill, which opened in May 2010. Each venue can accommodate around 300 guests a night, and rooms can also be booked separately for smaller groups. Both venues provide ample opportunity for corporate entertainment. The festival is on for 5 weeks, from the 26th September until the 27th October, with live Oompah bands playing on Wednesdays and Thursdays between 7pm and 1am and Friday and Saturday 7pm – 1am.

Free admission on Wednesdays & Thursdays. Fridays & Saturdays start at £14.50 per person and include a Stein of German beer – the equivalent of two pints. Tickets can be purchased online here.


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