About time: New Hackney Youth Clubs

Five new Young Hackney Youth Clubs opening this Autumn funded by the Government’s “myplace” programme

Maybe the Government and Councils have finally learned their lesson after last years’ riots, that closing down Youth Centres and facilities at such an alarming rate is not the way to go to ensure the next generation(s) will become well-adjusted, confident young adults who will contribute to the local community in a positive way! The lack of facilities, support and things to do in general has worried me for some time, as youngsters have little option but to hang around on street corners where most will inevitably fall prey to gangs, crime, drugs and similar. In recent years investment in our children who will one day run this country has dwindled fast. It has saddened me to see Parks and Libraries close down, children as young as 7 or 8 roaming the streets in the evening and mixing with teenagers rather than people of their own age, which is asking for trouble really… Of course not all blame falls to the Government – parents must also take some responsibility in both safe-guarding their children, and stimulating them, however with the wage cuts, tax increases and the rises of utility bills, rents, child care costs etc. this is becoming more and more difficult to spend time with our children…

Hence I welcome the news that Local Businesses  in Hackney are set to be transformed, as five new state-of-the-art centres get ready to open their doors this autumn!  The “Young Hackney” Centres will be open 7 days a week, for kids aged 8 – 19, and specialise in different themes which have been chosen by young people including media, sport, enterprise and arts. An iconic new central youth hub in Dalston will provide a base for the Hackney Youth Parliament, Youth Inspection Team and Youth Volunteering Programmes. It will also support the four other centres across Hackney.

The Shoreditch Centre in Hoxton Hall will specialise in Arts; The Concorde in Homerton will focus on Sports and Healthy Living; Parkside in Woodberry Down will specialise in Business and Enterprise; and Stoke Newington in Milton Gardens in IT and Media. The Youth Centres will also offer a variety of services including Homework Clubs, Cookery Lessons and Employment Support. Targeted Services for young people deemed at risk of committing crimes and kids who just need a bit of extra support i.e. someone to listen to them will also be provided.


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