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Guest blog: Andrea Osborne – A Day in the Life…

A Day in the Life of a Concierge… Lifestyle Manager… Personal Assistant… Virtual Assistant… Fairy Godmother… Fixer… Komodo Dragon Expert

My name is Andrea Osborne and I run an award winning local business called cushion the impact, a lifestyle management and concierge company which offers pay as you go personal PA and administrative assistance to individuals, families and entrepreneurs. We save people time and relieve their stress so they can live the life they want to lead rather than spending their time organising it.

Lots of people ask us what we actually do so this is an example of a day in the office for me, my colleagues have their own clients and list of things to do. There are many days when I and the others are on site in client homes or offices but it’s Monday, a day I try to keep as an office day, I have my on-going to do list for ‘my’ clients and a legion of emails assigned to me in the Inbox.  Ok heads down, off I go…

  1. Frantic message on phone from a client whose electricity had been away for the weekend and discovered the heating in his flat had been off for two days. We find out the whole building is affected. He becomes even more frantic when I tell him as his pet komodo dragons need to be kept warm and it’s too cold for them. A new one for us, in 12 years we have never needed to Google komodo dragons. Here begins today’s lesson: they are large lizards from Indonesia which grow to up to 10 feet and which can kill you with the 57+ bacteria in their saliva after you have died slowly,  they then eat you. Who says this job isn’t educational! Two hired calor gas heaters later, happy lizards, happy client.
  2. Invoices raised and emailed on behalf of several clients for whom we are Virtual Assistants i.e. they concentrate on their clients and fee earning while we work for them from our office providing back office support.
  3. Proofread, upload and publish a client’s weekly blog.
  4. A client has been networking and has posted us the new business cards, connect him and the new contacts on LinkedIn, send them personalised ‘Nice To Meet You’ email, update his contacts database.
  5. New client – a family is moving to the States and want us to help with decluttering their possessions so they don’ t spend unnecessary money on storage and transportation costs to the US. Appointment scheduled for Thursday.
  6. Ring builders to see how a client’s refurbishment is going. Check with client to confirm that they agree with the builder’s assessment. They do, site visit arranged for next week.
  7. Order wicker wheelie bag for client A; usual monthly order for replacement printer ink for client B; ordered books from a list for client C. I love Amazon.
  8. Research venues, music and caterers for a client’s 40th birthday.
  9. New client – a small business owner to whom we were recommended.  She wants to outsource her admin so she can go on holiday without worrying that she might miss opportunities. She’s so keen she gives me access to her email account so I can start to get to know her business immediately.
  10. Morning, lunchtime and late afternoon I read emails for a client currently on holiday: replying, actioning, deleting. Open post for clients currently abroad who forward their mail to us. Paperwork variously scanned and emailed; shredded; filed; courier organised to Singapore for important papers.
  11. Confirm tomorrow’s meeting and address with client. Gather together postits and folders as I’m off to declutter his paperwork and create a new organised home office for him.
  12. Go home and while on the bus start to organise my own life: handyman booked to fix broken door handle in kitchen; friends rung to see who fancies going to the Whitechapel Bell Foundry with dinner at Tayyabs afterwards; list made for ingredients for roast lamb dinner (first time I’ll have roasted lamb, am nervous) for dinner with friends on Saturday…

That’s a fairly average day in the life of a concierge at cushion the impact and as you can see there’s little that’s average! If there’s anything you would like help with or if you would like a free consultation please ring us on 020 3218 0053. Mention Base Property Specialists to receive a 10% discount on a purchase of 5 or more hours whether for yourself or as a gift voucher, offer valid until 31 December 2012.

(Komodo Dragon picture – Flickr)


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